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Birchbox Haul: Benefit, The Balm & Stila

I have been saving up my Birchbox points and it was nice to see that I had £70 worth of points to use.  Points expire after a year so I’m sure some of them would have been expiring soon.  I had a search through their shop trying to decide what to get, there is a lot to choose from!  These are the things I finally decided to get and I am very glad I did.  I also got some free photo clips using a code from their bonus shop.  One of the best things about Birchbox definitely has to be their reward point system, I mean £70 worth of points! WOW!

Birchbox Birchbox Birchbox photo clips

I was so excited when my parcel arrived, don’t you just love getting stuff through the post.  Sometimes I think I just order things so I have something to unbox!!  It was nice to see inside everything was packaged in a brown paper bag.  Nice to know Birchbox is thinking of the environment.  These are the cute little photo clips I received as well, I just need to find somewhere to put them now and get some nice photos to go in them.  I am going to try and do this post as short as I can but I can’t promise anything here as there are a lot of shadows to swatch! 🙂

benefit they're realy push-up liner benefit they're realy push-up liner

Benefit They’re Real Push Up Liner£18.50

I had a little sample of this gel eye-liner that I got from a magazine and I really liked it.  It stays on all day long and doesn’t smudge at all.  The sample was a little hard to use as it didn’t have a twist bottom to get the gel liner out.  You have to twist it a lot the first time before it comes out, think it was about 75 times for me!  I have been wanting this for a while and I hope it is even better than the sample I had.

benefit they're realy push-up liner

Stila in the light Stila in the lightStila in the light

Stila – In The Light Eyeshadow Palette – £25

As soon as I saw this palette I just had to have it.  The colours look absolutely gorgeous!  I do not own a Stila eyeshadow palette so I was looking forward to getting it.  I also liked the fact that this palette also includes an eyeliner with it.  I only tend to use black eyeliner and this is brown but I will be trying this with the eyeshadows to see how it goes with them.

Stila in the light

I will not be showing swatches in this post as I think it will make the post way too long, so I have decided to do separate posts for this palette and The Balm palette.  I will link to them at the end of this post.

This beautiful neutral eyeshadow palette has a selection of 4 matte shadows and the rest are shimmer shadows.  I would wear all of these shadows as they are just so beautiful!  The shadows are creamy and buttery and have great pigmentation.  This is well worth every penny, or in my case every point spent. 🙂

20150309_184751 The Balm, Balm voyage

The Balm Cosmetics – Balm Voyage£35

This is a little bit pricier than the Stila palette but the palette is huge.  It has very large shadows in it and is very impressive.  I also like the fact it has a decent selection.  There are neutral colours as well as bright colours and there are mattes and shimmer shadows.  This also has cheek and lip stains!  There are two flaps covering this palette, one covering the shadows and another smaller one at the bottom covering the cheek and lip stains.  You really could take this palette away with you on holiday and have nearly everything you need.  You wouldn’t need to take any other eye-shadows with you.

The Balm, Balm voyage

This palette also has a decent sized mirror so if you are traveling then this is so handy to use when you don’t have another mirror available.  As you can see as well The Balm Cosmetics always have quirky and fun packaging as well as names.  I love the play on words calling in “Balm Voyage” and then the shadows don’t have names they have seat numbers.  It makes it a very unique palette and I love it, there are other Balm palettes I will be saving up my points for now I have tried this one.

With being able to use my points for all of these I only ended up having to actually pay £8.50!  I couldn’t believe it, how cheap is that.  I get their monthly beauty box (which is great getting beauty treats monthly) and you get points for every box you get, then there are surveys on each product you get, which you get points for as well.  The points build up very quickly, you will be surprised!  If you want to try Birchbox then you can do so HERE.

I will do two separate posts for each palette as you really have to see the swatches, they are just gorgeous!  Which you can find here:

Stila – In The Light Eyeshadow Palette

The Balm Cosmetics – Balm Voyage!

Have you bought anything from Birchbox recently?

Or are you wanting to try any of these products?


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