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Memebox Superbox #31 Herbal Cosmetics & Discount Code

The latest Memebox I have got in this wonderful Superbox #31 Herbal Cosmetics, which costs $32 plus $6.99 p+p.  When I opened the package there was this wonderful smell which made me very excited to see what I would find in this box.  All products in this box are full size, no samples in sight here.

$5 off on any orderS15AD1

memebox #31 herbal cosmetics memebox #31 herbal cosmetics

memebox #31 herbal cosmetics

Calmia Herb Cleansing Oil Gel – 100ml -$18 (£11.20)

This cleansing oil gel contains argan oil, lavender, rosemary, chamomile, basil leaf and tea extracts.  It helps to maintain clear and soft skin and feels amazing once applied to the skin.  When it is lathered with water it turns into a milk coloured foam that makes it easier to massage into the skin and cleanse deep down into your pores.  It comes out like a gel but once rubbed into the skin it feels like an oil rather than a gel, massage into the skin and rinse off with warm water.  This product smells amazing, but I will be saying that about everything in this box!

memebox #31 herbal cosmeticsmemebox #31 herbal cosmetics

Calmia Rooibos Aqua Sprinkler Gel Cream – 150ml – $34 (£21.15)

This is by the same brand as the first product and is something I haven’t ever seen before.  This is a gel cream that comes in a spray!  It can be used as a toner, emulsion, essence and gel cream.  It contains Rooibos (a plant that has a cooling effect on the skin and is good for eczema, nappy rash and acne.) and sparkling water that deliver nutrition-rich minerals and deep hydration to your skin.  This can be sprayed like a mist from a distance, or if you pump it close to the skin it comes out more like a foamy gel cream.  I like to spray this on my face and then gently pat it, I also use it throughout the day the refresh my skin and it doesn’t affect my make-up either.  Again this product smells amazing.

memebox #31 herbal cosmetics

memebox #31 herbal cosmetics memebox #31 herbal cosmetics

Nasarang Herb B.B SPF50+ PA+++ – 30g – $46 (£28.82)

This BB cream is made from various herbal and grain extracts and is for anti-wrinkle care, UV protection and complexion brightening.  It does say it can be used for almost all skin types as it doesn’t necessarily whiten your skin, as you can see in the pictures I do think this is too pale for my skin though, I would have to try this out properly and see what it looks like after I have applied my make-up.

memebox #31 herbal cosmetics

Skinfood Bath Salt Honey Jasmine – 80g – $3 (£1.88)

This bath salt is made from various herbal extracts and mineral rich organic salt from Australia.  You pour the entire packet into your bath and this pack smells gorgeous, I love Jasmine.  This will probably be the best smelling bath I will have ever had, so I think maybe some candles and relaxing music and maybe a face mask will be in order when I use these bath salts.

memebox #31 herbal cosmetics

Rose Mine Azulene Calming Gel – 75ml – $29 (£18.09)

This calming gel soothes, moisturises and cools any dry or sun burnt skin.  It is a gentle formula from chamomile extracts and helps to alleviate redness and smooth out roughened skin texture.  It also contains Aloe Vera powder, rose water and hyaluronic acid.  This is a handy product to have in and would also be handy to take away on holiday.

memebox #31 herbal cosmetics

Kskin Rose Sense 100% Essential Oil – 5ml – $42 (£26.20)

Now I love essential oils, you can use these little beauties for so many things.  You can put a few drops in your bath, in an oil burner, make a body massage oil, put a couple of drops on your clothes.  My favourite is to use them in oil burners, I love candles and I love making my house smell lovely.  So this will definitely come to good use.


Well this box has definitely been the best smelling box I have ever received.  The value of this Memebox came to $172 – £107.28 which is a fantastic value and everything was full size which I think is great.  This wouldn’t be a usual box I would choose but after trying it out I think it’s great and I love the skin care products.  My favourites are definitely the cleansing oil and the gel cream.

The boxes are very cute and bright pink.  They come very well packaged and there were no customs charges, which is great.  You don’t sign up to a monthly box, you just chose from the vast choice they have on their website, and you can order as many or as little as you want!  But you still get the surprise of the monthly boxes where you don’t know exactly what products you will receive.

Discount Codes

S15AD1   $5 off on any order

AFFILIATE-0071-DO4P0-WBSV  $5 off on orders above $100

AFFILIATE-2532-22BIH-NCOD  $10 off on orders above $150

Visit their website for more information:

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  • Reply Paige Mckinnon

    Ohh those bath salts sound like they would be very calming! ^ ^

    17th October 2014 at 11:32 am
    • Reply Secretbeautybox

      Yeh they sound fab don’t they. I can’t wait to have a nice relaxing bath with them. Xx

      18th October 2014 at 10:45 am

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