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If you are a lover of Mexican food, you will be made up to hear that there is a brand new Mexican restaurant called Piri-Siri Mexican on the scene, and it is fantastic! It is located in the Wirral and is in the heart of Moreton. It is very exciting to see a lot of great restaurants opening here, which is perfect for me as I can literally walk to them all! But if you happen to live further away, it is still super easy to get to via public transport.

Piri-Siri Mexican has only recently opened and they had a fantastic offer for 30% off your entire bill. So of course I had to go more than once to make sure I tried several items on the menu and to make the most of the offer while it was on.

The first time we went there was a group of four of us and everyone thoroughly enjoyed their meals. I went for Piri-Siri Chicken Wings, which fell off the bone and tasted amazing, and a Pollo Asado (grilled marinated chicken) Burrito. Which was to die for! I didn’t want to leave any of it, so I left feeling rather full! It also came with chips, which I believe had some piri-piri salt on them. Everything was delicious! I started eating before remembering to take a photo first, as I just couldn’t resist! They also have cocktails, so I chose a Porn Star Martini and a Strawberry Daquiri. I felt like I was back on holiday, which has been a while with everything going on in the world recently. The cocktails were really good and are a must if you do go here.

piri-siri mexican Burrito

The second time we went, which I have to admit that it was the very next day, there were 3 of us as I decided to take my Dad along to try it out. This time I had Chichen Quesadillas, Piri-Siri Grilled Chicken and Churros for dessert (which I shared, as I am terrible at being able to finish desserts!). I had to try out the desserts this time as it would have been rude not to and I wasn’t disappointed. The Churros were delicious and came with cream and chocolate sauce. The perfect Mexican dessert. The Grilled Chicken was a lighter option than the Burrito I had the day before and it was very good. My favourite would have to be the Burrito, but I didn’t want something quite as heavy this time around. I had another Strawberry Daquiri and I also chose a Tequilla Sunrise. I could go through the whole cocktail menu I think!

Mark opted for the Chicken Wings again, which I have to admit are amazing and I did try to convince him to swap a chicken wing for a quesadilla, which failed! haha. He then had the House Special Barbacoa Burger, which is braised pulled beef. Apparently, it takes them 6 hours to slowly cook the beef and the chilis are imported from Mexico, so it is definitely a special burger. It looked fantastic, I think I will be trying this one at some point.

piri-siri mexicn chicken quesadillapiri-siri mexican chicken wingsgrilled chickenbarbacoa burgerChurros

My dad had Quesadillas to start but chose the cheese & onion option. He then had Beef Fajitas, which come sizzling on a hot plate and with some mini tortilla wraps. You can’t go wrong with a good Fajita and the beef looked really good. There are so many things on the menu that I want to try, so I will definitely be returning! For dessert, he went for the Rum ice cream. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their meal, and there were a lot of clean plates. If you love Mexican food, then Piri-Siri Mexican is definitely worth a visit!

The owner and chef are really friendly, they come and say hello and make sure everything is ok with your meal and drinks. They are trying really hard to make the restaurant a success in such hard times at the moment. The world has definitely become a lot stranger and it is nice to still go out and do normal things, so going out for a meal is definitely one we should all keep doing. We have spent a lot of time at home over the last couple of years, and we have all gotten used to doing that. But it is important to enjoy ourselves and treat ourselves once in a while.

beef fajitasrum ice creamstrawberry mojito & strawberry daquiriporn star martiniTequilla Sunrise

There are so many wonderful options to pick from off the menu, you are definitely spoilt for choice. It makes you want to go back just so you can try different meals out on each visit. The other great thing is that they also do takeaway! So you can enjoy their fantastic food in the comfort of your own home if you are wanting a nice night in. But I must say I would miss having the cocktails when I get this as a take-away, which I am most definitely going to do as who doesn’t love a night in with a takeaway!

piri-siri mexican menupiri-siri mexican menu

All in all, I thought the food and service at Piri-Siri Mexican were both fantastic and I can’t wait to go again. I love Mexican food and I don’t think there are enough Mexican restaurants and takeaways out there, so this is fantastic that it has opened just down the road from me. I would highly recommend trying out this restaurant and seeing what you think of the food, as I don’t think you would be disappointed. It is great to support our local restaurants, so why not book in with them now and go and try it out for yourself.


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