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Gin Tasting at Jenever Gin Bar – Liverpool

Gin tasting at Jenever

I was kindly given a gin tasting voucher at Jenever Gin Bar in Liverpool for my work anniversary. I had never heard of the place before but was very excited to learn about a new gin bar I could visit. Everyone in work knows how much I do enjoy a good gin and tonic, so this was a perfect gift for me. I did a quick Google search and found that it was located in Hope Street, Liverpool. We phoned up and booked our time slot as we wanted to go on a Saturday evening and we didn’t know how busy it got there.

When we arrived we found this really cute small bar that appeared to be very popular! It was definitely a good job that we had booked beforehand as I don’t think we would have gotten in otherwise! There was a table reserved for us by the window and they had everything already set up for us.

We were seated while the bar staff got us a bucket of ice and a menu which explained all the gins we would be getting to try. Each gin was explained to us and we were told which tonic was recommended to accompany each one. There was also a selection of garnishes to be added to each gin as well. This meant that we could make each gin to how we wanted it.

Gin tasting at Jenever

This gin tasting costs £25pp and you get a selection of 4 gins and 4 accompanying tonics, this is a great way to try a gin you may have not tried before. Each shot of gin has a different amount of juniper berries in, so you can identify which gin you are trying.

The selection of gin

The first gin was Aber Falls Orange & Marmalade, this went with the Mediterranean tonic and garnished with a slice of orange. We both really enjoyed this gin as we do like orange in gin. I would definitely try this one again.

The second gin we had was Whitley Neill Quince Gin and I think this one was my favourite one. Quince (pronounced Kwins) has a pear and apple taste to it, so this one is accompanied with the plain tonic so you can get the full taste of the gin. I loved this one so much that I want to get myself a bottle of it! If you like a more sweet tasting gin, I would recommend trying this one. For the garnish, you can use an orange or lime, I went for a slice of orange again.

Gin tasting at Jenever

The third gin we tried was another Whitley Neill gin, this one was Rhubarb and Ginger. This gin went with the Ginger Ale and should be garnished with Rhubarb. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any rhubarb so I used some of the berries instead. I am not usually a fan of ginger ale, as I find ginger quite overpowering. This was the one I was looking forward to the least. When I added the ginger ale and gave it a try, I was quite surprised at how mild it was and it was a lot nicer than I had expected. It is not something I would order myself but I still enjoyed it.

The final gin was JJ Whitley Nettle Gin. I have never tried nettle gin before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was told this was quite a dry gin and it was to go with the elderflower tonic. To this gin, we added lime and mint as advised by the sheet we had been given. This was nicer than I was expecting but I didn’t find it very memorable or one I would necessarily think to order again. I still enjoyed it though but I will definitely be going for the Quince gin when I see it available.

Gin tasting at Jenever

I really liked the gin tasting at Jenever and they had a variety of games available on the tables. There were things like connect four (which was very popular) and a variety of different topic cards that consisted of questions to ask each other. I thought that was a really nice touch and added to our evening, we had fun playing with them all.

Gin tasting at Jenever

Would I go back to Jenever Gin Bar?

Yes, I would definitely go back, in fact, I would go back for the gin tasting at Jenever again. I have seen vouchers available on Groupon for the gin tasting at Jenever, so I would probably pick up one of them if I can. Anything to save a few pennies! This would be great for a girly night out, as long as you are all a gin fan! 

Writing this has now given me a craving for a gin and tonic! So, I think it is time I go and pour myself one and stick my feet up! I bet you are now wanting one as well! Sorry about that, I hope you get to enjoy one soon.

Are you a fan of gin? I would love to know what your favourite gin is, any recommendations? Have you ever been to Jenever Gin Bar? Let me know in the comments below.


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