Rimmel Super Gel Beach Ready Collection

Rimmel Super Gel

Rimmel has brought out a brand new Super Gel collection for the summer called the Beach Ready Collection. I was lucky enough to be sent the five new Rimmel Super Gel colours to try out. I have never tried the Super Gel formula before so I was keen to see how it fared compared to ‘regular’ nail polish.

The Rimmel Super Gel range is a 2-step gel colour system for salon style nails, without the need for curing. You don’t need a base coat, just colour and top coat. The Super Gel claims it lasts up to 14 days, sounds great when nail polish usually chips in a day for me. It costs around £5.99 and you can get them from stores such as Boots, who currently have them on offer for 3 for 2.

Seeing as there were five colours, I thought I should try them all out at once. Why not, hey! I instantly noticed that the brush is very different to your regular nail polish brush. It appears to be a lot fuller and has a rounded shape to the end of it. The brush holds a lot more product, if you have smaller nails you may be able to cover the entire nail with one stroke. I’ve been trained to cover the nail in three strokes and my nails are bigger, so I wouldn’t be able to fully cover them with just one stroke.

Rimmel Super gel

I found the formula to be very different to what I’ve used before. It seems to be a lot thinner in consistency, this does not affect the vibrancy of the colour though. Each layer dried really quickly, if you make a mistake or it goes a bit streaky, you won’t be able to go over it again until it has dried. If you do it when it’s drying you will just make it worse. I was impressed with how quickly it dries, that is one thing I hate about ‘regular’ nail polish. Who has the time to just sit and wait for it to dry fully?

You need to apply two coats to get an even colour and the right opacity. I found the pale purple and orange the hardest to work with, these show streaks a lot easier compared to the other three colours. I still love all of the colours though. They have lasted really, especially compared to how nail varnish usually lasts on me.  It took about 3 days before I slightly chipped my thumb and forefinger nail, I can be quite rough on them at times though. The other nails took about a week before showing signs of chipping. This is fantastic for me as I usually chip my nail varnish the day I apply it!

I was dubious about the Rimmel Super Gel at first, mainly due to the fact I hate using nail varnish just for it to not last long and then having to make the effort to take it off! Well, I think I have now found the perfect nail varnish for me as I love it and find the staying power really good. I have never found a nail varnish to last as long on my nails as this one.

Have you ever tried Rimmel’s Super Gel? If so, what did you think? Which is your favourite colour from their new collection?

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