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I was asked to pick a few products from Beauty UK to review and these are the products that I chose.  They arrived very quickly at my house in a wonderful shiny pink jiffy bag which made me even more excited about the products I had chosen.  I picked a hot pink and blue nail varnish as I thought the colours could go quite well with each other, the other nail varnish I went for was a matte top coat as I have never tried a matte polish before.  I then couldn’t resist the Posh Palette, which is a palette with 10 eye shadows in, and I also chose the Shimmer Box n Bronze which is absolutely gorgeous!

Beauty UK Beauty UK

I picked two colours from the Beauty UK Nails range.  I went for ‘Pink Pop’ and ‘Tealed with a Kiss’ which are £2.99 each.  They are very easy to use and apply.  Just make sure you allow enough time for them to dry, unlike me who was too impatient and wanted to try everything as soon as possible and didn’t take as much time and care as I should have! Oops.  The coverage is fantastic.  You only need two coats and they are very bold, just don’t forget to apply a base coat first, especially with colours like the blue.  They are also super shiny and look fantastic on.  To go with the colours I had picked I also went for a Matte Top Coat, this is in the Nail Care range where they have things such as cuticle oil and nail hardeners.  I went for the Matte Top Coat as I have never tried one before, so I wanted to experience it and see what all the hype was over matte polishes.  I am very glad I chose this, it was very quick drying and was interesting watching it slowly change to a matte finish.  This one costs £3.99.  All the nail varnishes are very reasonably priced and also don’t feel like a cheap polish when applying them.

Beauty UK Beauty UK

The first picture is without the Matte Top Coat, I then applied the Matte Top Coat to my ring finger on each hand (over the Tealed with a Kiss polish) as I didn’t want to make all nails matte, I wanted a statement nail.  It worked really well and I was very impressed with it and I do quite like the matte finish.

Beauty UK

I could not resist one of the Posh Palettes and I went for Posh Palette No.1 Eden.  I really love the sleek packaging for this palette and I love the simple black and white.  This palette is only £5.99 and you get 10 large eye shadows in it! I am so happy with the palette I chose, I am a fan of brown eyeshadows and find them so easy to use and you can use them for all occasions.  Some of the shadows have a matte finish and some have a shimmer finish.  There is a good variety of shades which make it very easy to blend together and create a smokey eye effect.

Beauty UKBeauty UK

The picture here of the swatches really doesn’t do the colours justice, but as you can see they are nicely pigmented.  The palette comes with a handy little mirror in the lid and a handy sponge applicator.  It would probably be better if there were two sponge applicators because of the amount of eyeshadows in the palette.  But I usually apply with a brush anyway so it doesn’t affect the palette itself for me.  The eye shadows are velvety soft and are very easy to work with.  I really like the texture and it doesn’t feel cheap in the slightest.  I just love this palette, I love the way it looks, the size of the shadows, how the shadow feels and how easy they are to use and blend.  I would highly recommend this palette to anyone and I would love to try the other colours they offer in this product.

2014-08-26 16.25.55 2014-08-26 16.26.50

The last item I got was Shimmer Box no.1 Bronze.  This product just looks so pretty and actually reminds me of the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick, even down to the packaging!.  But this one is only £4.99 so is a lot more affordable for me and it looks just as stylish and just as pretty.

2014-08-26 16.27.42

I love the colour of this Shimmer Box.  The golden bronzey colour is just perfect for my skin tone and is definitely a new favorite in my make-up bag, and at such a reasonable price you can afford to use it every day and replace it as soon as you have used it all up!  As you can see it is made up of 5 different shades which compliment each other perfectly and creates a perfect multi-tonal and natural blend of colour.

Overall I am very impressed with the packaging and how stylish the products look, you really wouldn’t expect them to be as reasonably priced as they are.  With the packaging being so good and the price of the product so low you would then expect maybe the actual product to be of a lower standard, but no, there is no skimping on quality at all with these products!  My favorites have to be the Posh Palette and the Shimmer Box.  These are something I can use daily and are gorgeous.  I really look forward to trying more from Beauty UK Cosmetics as I have been really impressed by what I’ve tried so far.  Have you tried any products from Beauty UK Cosmetics? If so what did you think of them?

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