A Passion for Natural

I have recently been introduced to this new brand A Passion For Natural, which is manufactured in the UK.  I came across this brand on Twitter and was lucky enough to get to try some products from them.

Passion for Natural is a new and effective skincare range made from only the highest grade of Aloe Vera available, Organic Aloe Barbadenis.  Their range is 100% Organic and paraben and SLS free.  There are six products in the range and I got to try two of them. Organic products are becoming a lot more popular and sought after and these are some great products to try out.

A Passion for Natural Organic Aloe Vera products are produced using 100% liquid gel from the inner fillets of only the healthy leaves of the aloe barbadensis plant.  This range delivers the ultimate skincare experience.  The active ingredients in aloe vera are known to support the complex repair mechanism of the skin.

A Passion for Natural

A Passion for Natural Aloe Vera Gel – 200ml – £7.49

This gel has natural Betaine which supports skin cell regeneration and works to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.  It also cools the skin instantly making it the perfect product for eczema sufferers or anyone suffering from sunburn.  This gel also reduces irritation and has an anti-inflammatory effect.  It works so well on any dry areas of skin you have, I love this product and it would be so handy to take on holiday with you to use as an after sun.

This absorbs really nicely into your skin and instantly moisturises any dry skin.  It doesn’t leave a sticky feeling on the skin at all.  This is definitely a very handy product to have in and can be used where ever it is needed on the body.

A Passion for Natural A Passion for Natural

A Passion for Natural

A Passion for Natural Aloe Vera Lip Butter – 16ml – £4.95

This lip butter is highly moisturising and the aloe vera is great for dry chapped lips.  It is very light weight and isn’t heavy at all.  It isn’t as soft as I was expecting it to be with it being a butter and I would probably say it is more like a balm than a butter.  But that doesn’t affect the product at all, it is still very good.  It has a light refreshing scent and leaves my lips hydrated for hours.  Unfortunately apparently this product isn’t 100% organic as they couldn’t get the perfect formula to work if it was, but they are still working on it.  So hopefully they will be able to make a 100% organic formula.  That being said this is still a great product and still has all the benefits from Aloe Vera.

The rest of the range consists of:

Aloe Vera Lotion – £6.99

Aloe Vera Moisturising Mist – £7.95

Aloe Vera Body Butter – £8.95

Aloe Vera Body Scrub – £10.95

You can purchase the products HERE.

I would love to try the Moisturising Mist and the Body Scrub, so they will have to be on my wish list of things to get.

What products would you be interested in trying?

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