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Jenny’s Holiday Top Tips

Going on holiday can be very stressful before hand so it is great if we can help to reduce that stress and also learn a few great holiday top tips to just make life that little bit easier.  We go on holiday to get away from everyday stress and to relax so I am sharing a few tips that I do to make things that little bit easier.

  • Probably my favourite tip that I do every time I go on holiday abroad is all to do with toiletries!! Toiletries take up so much of your luggage allowance which means less clothes and added stress to stay within the luggage allowance.  Imagine if you didn’t need to worry about how many toiletries you take with you and how it would impact on your allowance.

     Well there is a way to do this!  I order all my toiletries on the Boots website, I then get it delivered to the Airport and Terminal that I am flying from (you need to know what terminal).  So I pick up my toiletries after I have checked in my case and gone through security.  You just pop it in a bag and take it on the plane with you, yes you have to carry it but you just put it in the overhead compartment and then when u get off the plane and collect you suitcase, pop in straight into your case.  This has saved so much weight in my suitcase

  • If you burn easily on holiday a great thing to do is pop your after-sun into the fridge and when you have that nasty burn, get it out the fridge and apply to your skin.  This will cool it off instantly and feel amazing!
  • The one thing I hate about going on holiday is packing my suitcase!  I find it best to stuff socks and underwear into my shoes, it saves space and also helps keep my shoes in shape. 🙂
  • If you have anything heavy that you are packing that isn’t a liquid then pop this into your hand luggage.  This maybe a pain to carry but it will save using your luggage allowance.
  • We usually always take hand luggage on holiday with us, but did you know that you can also get away with having a handbag with you aswell?!  This is an great way of turning that one hand luggage into two, I always make the most of this.
  • If you are going somewhere further afield than say Europe, it is always best to find out what their local currency is and not necessarily their preferred currency.  For example in Mexico a lot of the time you are told to take $ Dollars, but you will get more for your money if you take their local currency which is Pesos.  You will find lots of places take Euros or Dollars but this is not always the best thing to use.
  • As I said before the one thing I hate is packing my suitcase, I also end up taking too much stuff!  So if you pack everything you think you want to take, then un-pack it and go through it all again and take out anything you actually think you don’t need, or have changed your mind on.
  • One thing you don’t seem to see as often anymore if name tags on suitcases with your name and address on.  So I always leave a tag just inside my suitcase with all those details on.  This is handy just in-case it goes missing.
  • I love to moisturise after a shower with moisturiser or baby oil, but sometimes you don’t have the time as you want to get back out again as quickly as possible.  Nivea have an In-shower Moisturiser that saves so much time.  All you do is rub it on and the rinse off at the end of a shower! Voila perfectly moisturised and ready to go!
  • Shaving your legs on holiday can be a drag!  I always wax my legs before I go on holiday, that way I only sometimes need to do little bits instead of waxing my legs all the time!  You can either go to a salon or use your mobile beauty therapist.  You could also do this at home yourself as well.  The best one I have found is Nair Roll-On Wax with Argan Oil & Orange Blossom Extract.  This is so easy to use and gives great results.
  • Getting travel insurance is very important.  The best way to do this is to have a look at some comparison sites, such as  You can see which companies are cheaper than others.  I have also found that getting a couple one (if you travel as a pair) is a great deal and as I go on more than one holiday a year usually I also get the annual travel insurance, which is amazing value for money.
  • If you have a flight that isn’t supplying a meal on the plane then the best thing to do is to pop to Boots, which you will be doing anyway to pick up your toiletries!  Grab yourself a meal deal which is only a few quid and you can take this on the plane with you.  I have also noticed that drinks etc are cheaper at Boots then they are in WHSmiths.


Now go and enjoy that stress-free holiday using my holiday top tips! 😀


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  • Reply Sarah

    Great tips Jenny! My jaw is on the floor because I literally never knew you could do that Boots collection thing and it’s going to change my life! Lol x

    Sarah |

    14th July 2015 at 9:37 pm
    • Reply Secretbeautybox

      I do that every time I go on holiday now! It saves so much worrying, and you know you have everything sorted ready and waiting for you. No forgetting to pack that all important toiletry again! 🙂 x

      14th July 2015 at 10:21 pm

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