Breakout liverpool

So on Friday I got the chance to try Breakout Liverpool which is a real life escape room.  I have never tried one of these before so I really didn’t know what to expect.  With me working all weird hours due to my job it was only myself and my partner Mark who were free to go.  You can have groups of 2-5, it would probably be easier with a few more people.

I picked the Facility room, not actually realising this was one of the hard rooms but I love anything horror related!  I didn’t actually know where Breakout Liverpool was in Liverpool, so I checked online and off we went to Moorfields station as that looked like the nearest and we come from the Wirral so that’s easy.  Once you get to the building there are a few signs outside so you know which building it it is.


You then go downstairs into a basement and being a blogger and wanting to check into the place online I quickly realised there was no signal! Oh my, blogger problems!!  We were quickly greeted by a lad called Ryan (I think, but not too sure as I was too excited to get in the room).

breakout liverpool

We were taken to a waiting area, the whole place is dark and does get you in the mood for what lies ahead.  There are also a few puzzles in there to get in the right frame of mind.   We were then taken through a few safety points and then asked for a volunteer of someone to get locked up! So Mark was taken by ‘Dr Andrews’ to be experimented on and I had to save him and the escape the room.  Immediately I let Mark take that role, but then started to regret it when I was sat waiting on my own and then actually went into the room.

breakout liverpool

I was taken in the room and locked in!  A clock counts down on a TV screen, I was completely on my own!!  I didn’t have a clue what to do and then I heard a little voice…. it was Mark!  But where was he?  I was still so overwhelmed by the room I didn’t know what to do.  I found a torch on a table and started looking round, I then found at the back of the room the room where Mark was locked.  I finally didn’t feel as alone and had someone to talk to.  I literally did not know where to start in the room and I think we spent 10mins wasted of me walking around going where do I start!  Mark was in a tiny room so he couldn’t come and help until I had rescued him and got him out.

I was made up when I found the key to rescue him, I quickly got him out.. I was no longer the only one now waking round the room trying to figure it all out, Yey.

The time was ticking by so quickly, I was determined to get out but we kept getting stuck on things and with only two of us you didn’t have enough people to help with the puzzles or look round trying to figure the rest out.  If you ever got completely stuck then hints would appear on the TV screen, sometimes I was wishing a hint would appear as when we got stuck we felt lost! ha.

It was then saying we had 10 minutes left and finally we had cracked something else, which we had been stuck on and we started moving on, but unfortunately the clock went to Zero and we hadn’t escaped!  The hour had passed by so quickly I actually didn’t want it to end.  We were then shown through the rest of the room, some ‘OMG’ realisations and ‘seriously…a number off!!’ moments.  It would have actually taken us a while to escape if we weren’t given an hour only.

breakout liverpool

When we left the room I could have easily walked straight into another one, I wanted to carry on.  It was so much fun I really didn’t want the hour to end.  I wish we did have more time and I think it is a little difficult if you only have two people, I kind of wish you got extra time if there is only two of you as you really need it.  I understand why they can’t do this though.  Either way we had a really good time and I want to book again soon.  I think I’m also determined to break out of one of them as well!  I wont be happy until I do!

If you are considering to go to Breakout Liverpool then I say Book Now.. What are you waiting for!!  Do it!  It is like nothing I have ever had the chance to do before and I think I am hooked!! A part of me wishes I had tried one of the other rooms as it was easier and being a two man group we probably spent too much time going “What on earth do we do!!!”.  I will definitely be going back again soon but I may have to drum up some more people next time though.

Breakout Liverpool… I will return…. and I WILL Breakout!!

If you are interested in going to Breakout Liverpool you can book your tickets HERE.

Have you tried Breakout Liverpool?  Did you manage to breakout?


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  • Reply Laura

    Omg this looks so scary I hate anything like this, I think I’d have ran out crying – not that I could have haha! Looks like fun though!

    Laura / xx

    8th September 2015 at 8:31 am
    • Reply Admin

      Haha no way out, have to crack all the codes etc to leave! 🙂 It’s not as scary as you think, but it is a lot of fun. xx

      9th September 2015 at 3:56 pm

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