Where Do I Get My Body Jewellery From?

I do have quite a few piercings, when I received some body jewellery from Karma Se7en I had a total of 12.  I now have 14!  So when I was contacted to try out some body jewellery from Karma Se7en Body Jewellery I was thrilled as you can never have too much jewellery and sometimes it’s very hard to find decent jewellery online.

Most of my piercings are in my ear and I have my belly button pierced as well, I have to be careful when it comes to what the jewellery is made of as I can have allergic reactions.  Most if not all of the jewellery I chose were actually 925 sterling silver which is fantastic.  They also have buy one get one free on all of their items which makes it even better.

Here is what I picked earring wise:

karma se7en body jewellery

I thought I would try some pieces I have never seen before and never had the chance to try, plus some of them intrigued me and I wanted to see how they worked and what they would look like.

Karma Se7en body jewellery karma se7enkarma se7en body jewellery

I will start off with the simplest ones, these are really cute crystal pink star studs. I wear a lot of studs in my ears every day (as you can see in the picture) as they are the most practical for me.  This pair is only £3.99!!  You can’t really go wrong with that now can you.

karma se7en Karma Se7en body jewellery

I have never tried an ear jacket before.  These have a front part (the stud) and a back part that goes on the stud and hangs down.  These star ear jackets look so pretty in I love them, they are very simple but effective and really do stand out.  They are £19.99 but don’t forget you get a free pair as well.  These are 925 sterling silver and also rhodium plated, such good quality for an amazing price.

karma se7en karma se7en

I went for another pair in the same style and think they look fantastic.  These are £21.99 and can be found Here.  The crystals are larger in this pair and really stand out.  Lots of bling bling!

karma se7en karma se7en

Here’s another pair of the ear jackets!  I think this one is my least favourite of them all as it is a little bit bigger and doesn’t look as good on my ear.  This one is £22.99 and you can find it here.  This pair, like the others, is 925 sterling silver and rhodium plated.  I still can’t get over the quality of all these earrings and the price of them.

karma se7en karma se7en

As soon as I saw these Crystal Vine Ear Climbers I knew I had to try them out.  This is another type I have never tried.  This type of earring is great for people who don’t have many piercings in their ears but want to occasionally have the look that they do.  I took most of my other earrings out to try this and it covered all my holes so you wouldn’t even know!  These look fantastic, I really do like them.  I even tried it in my top hole so it went around the top of my ear, it was fiddly to get in but it did work.  These cost £20.95.

karma se7en

Karma se7en

I then chose some belly button bars, I don’t change my bar that often but I thought it would be nice to have more of an option to pick from.  This is a pink crystal bar with a plain ball on the top.  It is made from Titanium and costs £6.99!! So cheap!

karma se7en

I love this belly bar it is made with Swarovski Crystals. The stem is made of Surgical Steel and the heart is made of sterling silver.  This bar costs £14.95 and can be found Here.  This bar is so cute and it is one you could wear all the time and it wouldn’t feel uncomfortable.

karma se7en karma se7en

Would you believe that this Opal Medley belly bar only costs £6.95!!!  You could get two belly bars then for under £7!  How amazing and how gorgeous is this bar!  I absolutely love it.  This belly bar will definitely be coming on holiday with me as I think it will look amazing in the sun!

There are belly bars in gold as well, I may have to treat myself to a 14ct gold bar one day!!  This one Here is so pretty!!  Maybe one day.

The Karma Se7en website is just amazing.  They have sooo many and I mean sooo many pieces of jewellery to pick from for all different types of piercings!  They even have rose gold jewellery which I will have to look at next time.

I have recently got my Tragus and Heliz pierced so I am going to have to buy some jewellery for those piercings!  Yey, and now I know where to have a look but I will definitely be lost for choice.

karma se7en karma se7en

I am now debating whether to get my nose pierced as well.  It’s a piercing I always said I wouldn’t want, but now I’m thinking about it.  Who knows what I will decide.  Once you start it gets addictive.

So if you are looking for any type of body jewellery I would highly recommend Karma Se7en body jewellery. You can’t go wrong and the quality is just amazing.  Also who doesn’t like Buy One Get One Free!

What piercings do you have and do you find it hard finding somewhere decent online to get a decent selection of body jewellery??


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  • Reply Jemma

    Hi Jenny,

    Thnks for posting this, looking at these pictures has made me decide I want to get a couple more ear piercings!

    As for the nose do it! 🙂

    Jemma xx

    8th November 2015 at 10:15 pm
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