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The Balm Cosmetics – Balm Voyage!

The Balm, Balm Voyage!

The Balm – Balm Voyage! – £35

Here is the other fantastic eyeshadow palette that I got from Birchbox using my wonderful £70 worth if points!!  This is an amazing palette from The Balm Cosmetics and it is called Balm Voyage!  I always love the quirky packaging that The Balm come up with, it really makes their products stand out and they always have fun names as well to go with it.  As you can see this palette is themed around traveling and going abroad, this is something I love to do so this could come in handy!  It has a vintage style to it which really does make this stand out from any other palette that I own.  This palette contains 16 shadows! Yes 16!! and 3 lip and cheek stains.  There are two flaps to the packaging, one covering the shadows and another smaller one covering the lip and cheek stains.  This is a really good idea as it keeps the lip and cheek stains cleans by preventing any powder fall out getting in them.

The Balm, Balm voyage

When you open up the palette you can see that the top is in a passport style and it has a very handy and decent sized mirror which acts as your passport photo.  I found this quite funny and a nice touch to the palette.  It is definitely a different way to include a mirror in the palette.  The shadows are then all named the way seats are named on a plane e.g B2, D5, A2.

The Balm, Balm voyage The Balm, Balm voyage

Look at how pretty this palette is!  All the shadows are large as well, they are not your usual small size that you get in most palettes.  So you are really getting your money worth with this palette.  I really like the collection of colours this palette supplies.  There is a colour for every look you would want.

The Balm, Balm voyageThe Balm, Balm voyage The Balm, Balm voyage

These are lovely neutral colours and are nice and dark.  These are great to make your look that little bit more dramatic.  The first one is a very dark midnight blue kind of shade, then there are two different brown shade and then a dark green shade.  These shades are shimmery and look absolutely gorgeous on.

The Balm, Balm voyage The Balm, Balm voyage The Balm, Balm voyage

I love the shades A3 and D3 here, the silver and the gold.  They are metallic shades and they really stand out.  These shades are really pigmented and I could not fault them one bit.  I have found gold and silver shades to not have very good colour pay off but these ones do.  The middle two are neutral matte shades.  I do not use matte shadows very often but I really want to as they last a lot longer and are very easily blended creating a natural flawless look.

The Balm, Balm voyage The Balm, Balm voyage The Balm, Balm voyage

This has to be my my favourite row of colours, they are just stunning!  Even though these are not colours I tend to use that often they just really stand out to me and remind me or mermaids!  The purple and the teal colour are gorgeous and again highly pigmented and the colour has such good pay off, I rarely find these types of colour to actually stand out this much on the skin.  These are so pretty!!

The Balm, Balm voyage The Balm, Balm voyage The Balm, Balm voyage

This is the final row and here are the pale colours that would be good as a base and to also blend the other colours with.  This row also has some more mattes colours as well.  The gold and pale bronze colour and really good for a more subtle look but it still adds that little bit of glam.

The Balm, Balm voyage The Balm, Balm voyage

Finally we have the lip and cheek stains and wow aren’t these great!  Most lip and cheek stains I already own do not have this much colour to them.  If you want a subtle look then you only need a little bit, but if you want a more solid colour then you really can achieve this with these.  My favourite has to be ‘Captain’ as I tend to go for more pinky colours.  The other two are a red and a pastel-y orange.  I am not too sure whether I will get much use out of the orange one but I will have to give it a go in the summer.

The Balm, Balm voyage

On the bottom flap there are a few ‘boarding cards’ that have examples of colours you could use together, so if the choice of 16 colours is a little overwhelming for you then this would be a great place to start and try using the colours.

This would be a great palette to take away with you on a trip as you have a selection of all different types of colours.  You could definitely find something to match any outfit.  Also with it having lip and cheek stains is great as by just taking this palette you wouldn’t really need much more makeup to take with you.  So if you want to save space and not have to take lots of makeup on holiday with you then this would be ideal.  The packaging is also made of cardboard so this would be really light to pack in your suitcase.

I would highly recommend this palette and if you are debating whether to get it then I say go for it.  The colours are gorgeous and highly pigmented.  You really do get what you pay for with this palette.  I am now thinking of saving some more points so I can purchase another ‘The Balm’ palettes, I have my eye on ‘Meet Matt(e) Nude‘ or Balm Jovi I just need to decide which one!

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Do you own this palette? I highly recommend it!



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  • Reply Susie

    I’ve been wanting this palette for a while now, and I think i am going to just have to get it now hahah

    3rd October 2016 at 9:17 am
    • Reply Jenny

      It really is a lovely palette, it is one of my main ‘go to’ palettes! Can’t go wrong with it and the pigmentation is really good.

      6th October 2016 at 7:52 pm

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