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Memebox Global #13 & Discount Code

Here is another wonderful Memebox, I absolutely love these boxes.  This is my third box and I am still overall very impressed by them.  If you want to know a bit more about Memebox you can have a look at my first post HERE.  The box they so kindly sent me this time it their Global #13 box which costs $23 plus $6.99 p+p.  All promo codes will be at the end of this post, so keep reading to save some money on your next order.  There are some very interesting products in this box, let me show you what I got.

$5 off on any order – 2D9LSU

memebox global #13memebox global #13

You get a detailed card in every box that lists the products you have received, it gives you a little bit of information about the item and also tell you how to use it.  This is very important as without this there would be many products you would just not be able to figure out what they are or how to use them.  The information on the products themselves are all in Korean, so unless you know Korean you will not know much about the product without this card.

 23 Years Old CX Detoxifying Air Therapy, memebox23 Years Old CX Detoxifying Air Therapy, memebox

23 Years Old CX Detoxifying Air Therapy – $50 (£29.95)

This is a one use product which seems quite pricey at £29.95.  My first impressions were what on earth do I do with this! I wasn’t expecting to see a syringe and a scary looking face mask, it looks like something you would get done professionally.  I’m not too sure what difference it makes being in a syringe rather than a tube, I’m guessing it’s just novelty factor to make it look more interesting to make you pay the price tag.

The product in the syringe is made from carbonated water and creates sparkling bubbles on your face, which massages the skin whilst wearing the face mask.  The bubbles penetrate deep into the skin and cleanse away all the impurities clogging up the pores.  The mineral-rich carbonated water also helps brighten and firm up your overall skin for a revitalised feeling after use.

You apply the contents of the syringe all over your face (not sure how easy that will be) and place the face mask on top.  You keep this on for 20-30 minutes and then rinse off with warm water.  This will be interesting to use and I will post pictures on my Instagram, so follow me to keep updated.

Donga Tempo Eco Natural Super, memebox

Donga Tempo Eco Natural Super – 3 pack – $3 (£1.80)

What can I say about these!! Well am I impressed to receive tampons in a beauty box…. no not really!  When it comes to this sort of thing you know what you like to use and you don’t really fancy experimenting with the unknown.  So I don’t really know what Memebox were thinking when they added this into the box.  Apparently back in the 1970s Donga was the first Korean brand to produce women’s tampons.  Tempo Eco Natural is made from 100% purely organic cotton which is meant to be gentle and comfortable.  This still doesn’t make it any more appealing to me.  There isn’t really much else to say about these! Thanks but no thanks.  Full size product is 16 pack for $11.

2014-08-16 13.02.292014-08-16 13.02.41

CNP Cosmetics Derma-Scalp Shampoo – 25g – $2.70 (£1.62)

Full size is 250g for $27 (£16.17).  This shampoo will deep cleanse into your scalp to unclog pores, remove excess impurities, it has cool and refreshing feeling due to the tea tree oil extracts.  This is suitable for a sensitive and troublesome scalp.  The shampoo should be left on for 4 minutes before rinsing off.  This shampoo has a strong tea tree scent, and I think this will be great in the summer when wanting to have a cooling and fresh feeling.  I don’t normally go for such strong scented shampoo.

CNP Cosmetics Tone-Up Protection Sun, memebox CNP Cosmetics Tone-Up Protection Sun, memeboxCNP Cosmetics Tone-Up Protection Sun, memebox

CNP Cosmetics Tone-Up Protection Sun 15ml – $10.50 (£6.30)

This sunblock has an SPF 42 PA+++.  It contains powdery components to help keep your skin silky soft, it also contains deep sea water which helps to prevent your skin dehydrating.  This sunblock can also be used as a makeup base.  It has a slight tint to it, but blends in nicely.  You can’t tell very well in the pictures but I think this is slightly too light for my complexion, It may be too light when I apply this to my face.  I am going on holiday soon so I will take this with me and see how this works out for me.

 memebox wheat germ creammemebox wheat germ cream  memebox wheat germ creammemebox wheat germ cream

Yufit Eon Wheat-Germ Cream 75 – 75ml – $48 (£28.75)

This cream consists of over 75% organic wheat bud extract which works to hydrate, firm, brighten and fight signs of aging.  This formula is gentle and light so it absorbs easily and does not irritate even the most troubled skin.  Instead it helps to tighten pores for an overall healthier and younger looking complexion.  This cream is a generous size so it should last a while, it also reminds me slightly of Vaseline (but a lot thinner) but once rubbed in it absorbs and isn’t greasy in the slightest.  It can be used day and night which is great and it leaves my skin feeling really soft.  I have really high hopes for this cream and I will definitely be using it right away.  Fan-B has a really good post about the ingredients of this cream and it seems to tick all the right boxes, so a good cream to slather on my face and not worry about it causing any unwanted spots! yey.  You can read her post HERE.

Soy Bio Plus Fermented Lumpoule, memebox2014-08-16 13.09.58

Soy Bio Plus Fermented Lumpoule – 2 x 6ml – $24.85 (£14.90)

The full size product is 14 bottles x 6ml for $174 (£104.23).  Pretty expensive!  This is made from Korean fermented soy bean lump and is meant to prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles and also brighten up your overall complexion.  The name comes from the combination of two words, ‘lump’ and ‘ampoule’ which make lumpoule.  Sounds pretty strange to me! You simply apply 2-3 drops of the ampoule on to your face and pat in for full absorbance.  I really like the sound of this product, and I have high hopes for it.  It should be highly moisturising and full of great active ingredients, all good for your skin.

2014-08-16 13.11.24 2014-08-16 13.11.41PhotoGrid_1408200456644

Nuganic Customised Sun Base Color Control Cream – 40ml – $54 (£32.35)

For the final product you would either receive the one I have or Pure Snail Color Control Cream.  The card has just the one description so I don’t really know what the difference is between them both as the description makes it look like they both contain snail mucus extracts.  This is a CC cream with SPF 50+ PA+++.  You don’t need to used much of this, I would suggest use small amounts at a time.  The tube suprised me as when I took off the lid there was a pump, I quite like this as it makes it easy to use.  The cream comes out white, but when you start to rub it in it changes to a kind of beige colour.  You can’t really see this is the pictures, I think I applied to much to my hand.  I found if you use too much it takes a while to change colour and absorb into the skin, this is why I suggest small amounts at a time.  It is also quite thick, so I would probably apply a moisturiser before applying this.  This will hopefully help achieve an even coverage and will stop your skin drying out.  This cream works to balance out the skin’s oil/moisture level for a silky smooth finish to your makeup.  It is supposed to cover up major skin imperfections and leave your skin glowing with a natural shine.  I think this cream will also be a bit too light for me, especially after I have caught the sun on holiday.  But I will give it a go and see how I like it.


I am very happy with this box, I still have not been disappointed with a box from MemeboxThe value of this box came to $193.05 – £115.64!  Wow now that is definitely worth the $29.99 – £17.97!  You really do get more than your monies worth.  I am happy with most of the products, I wont even get into the fact there are tampons in the box!  I do wish the CC cream and sun block were a little bit darker to suit my skin tone, but I may try mixing a bit of foundation or my BB cream in with them.  I look forward to trying them all out (apart from the obvious!).

The boxes are very cute and bright pink, they come very well packaged and there were no customs charges which is great.  You don’t sign up to a monthly box, you just chose from the vast choice they have on their website, and you can order as many or as little as you want! But you still get the surprise of the monthly boxes where you don’t know exactly what products you will receive.

Discount Codes

$5 off on any order – 2D9LSU

$5 off on orders above $100  –  AFFILIATE-0071-DO4P0-WBSV

$10 off on orders above $150  – AFFILIATE-2532-22BIH-NCOD

Visit their website for more information:

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