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Memebox #52 WTF: Wonderful Treasure Finds

Memebox kindly sent me this box out to review, it has taken me a little while to do as I have recently found out that they will be stopping all international shipping!  So no more Memeboxes for me, I have placed my final order with them and I have ordered two boxes.  They will be the last ever boxes I receive.  I was very shocked when I heard this and just like everyone else I was not too impressed.

#52 WTF: Wonderful Treasure Finds costs $23 plus $6.99 p+p.  This box is now sold out, but there are others available, if you are international you have until 10th February to place an order.  This box is all about discovering new, under the radar beauty products.

memebox #52 WTFmemebox #52 WTF

memebox #52 WTFmemebox #52 WTF

Skindeco Comedo AC Power Serum 50g – $36 (£23.94)

This serum contains a blend of ginger and garlic that softens roughened skin texture and removes excessive oil and dirt clogging up the pores.  This is a very light weight, watery serum and feels refreshing on the skin.  I like serums as they are highly concentrated and make my skin feel silky soft.  This serum is unscented, so you wont smell of garlic or ginger!  I would definitely recommend adding a serum to anyone’s daily skincare regime.

memebox #52 WTFmemebox #52 WTF

Tonymoly Mr.Smile Patch 10g – $2 (£1.33)

Now this product actually made me smile, which is very apt considering it’s a smile patch.  I have never seen anything like this before, nor have I ever really had the need for a product like this.  But saying that it is still a fun product to receive and try out.  This is a patch for your smile lines, it is supposed to smooth out and firm out the skin along your smile lines.  The hydrogel type patch contains blueberry, black bean, black sesame seed and mulberry extracts.  You place the patches on your smile lines and leave on for 20-30 minutes, which is quite a long time.  Enough time for people to have a good giggle about how you look though!  For me though I don’t really have prominent smile lines, so whether this helps or not I can’t really comment.

memebox #52 WTF

Elinette BMS Cure Cream 50ml – $65 (£43.22)

This cream is free of parabens and alcohol, it boosts the function of antioxidants and minerals to help stimulate the skin.  It helps to soften, soothe, moisturise, nourish and firm up dehydrated, sagging skin.  I use a lot of moisturisers so I never mind getting more, I also don’t suffer from sensitive skin so I don’t have to be as careful as others.  I can’t really explain the smell of this moisturiser as it does have a strange smell to it but nothing that bothers me.  I also found out that it is really good for people with Atopy, you can read what I found HERE.  I am happy with getting this as it is something that will definitely get used.

memebox #52 WTF memebox #52 WTF

memebox #52 WTF memebox #52 WTF

Mumur Air Waterdrop Cooling Hand Cream Snow Blossom 50g – $9 (£5.98)

I found this hand cream really interesting and I don’t normally use hand cream but this is one I would actually use!  It is a light-weight moisturising hand cream that instantly melts onto the skin with a silky soft finish.  This product is very unique as it creates dew-like water droplets when massaged over the skin, just as if snow has melted on your hands!  It is also packed with hyaluronic acid and is completely free of paraben, ethanol, benzophenon, artificial colouring and artificial fragrance.  This cream is therefore unscented which I actually quite like as I find some hand creams can be quite overpowering with their scent.  I usually find hand creams quite greasy as well but I do not at all with this cream.  This hand cream is perfect for me.  I also love the way it turns into water droplets and it just feels like rubbing water into your hands.

memebox #52 WTF memebox #52 WTF

memebox #52 WTF memebox #52 WTF

dearberry Play Choux – Peach Choux – 30ml – $13 (£8.64)

This is a lightweight skin perfecting primer that helps create a smooth, even canvas for foundation.  It colour corrects for a range of complexion concerns.  In the box you would either receive the Lemon Choux or the Peach Choux.  The Lemon Choux works to brighten up dull, uneven complexion while the Peach Choux works to add a healthy light-from-within glow to the skin.  I received the Peach Choux which I am glad about, this colour works really well with my skin tonned, and if you have a tan it makes your skin glow!  You apply this to cleansed and moisturised skin before your base makeup or you can mix in a small amount with BB cream or foundation, then apply with finger or a makeup brush.

memebox #52 WTF memebox #52 WTFmemebox #52 WTF

I really do love the glow this gives to my skin, I really am made up with this product.  It will be perfect for the summer when I want that inner glow.  This product also smells amazing, it has a really nice perfumed scent to it.


Bath Charm Store, Dead Sea Salt Pearl Natural Soap 100g – $6 (£3.99)

This is 100% natural soap that is made from dead sea salt, pearl powder, shea butter, hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil, lavender essential oil and rose fragrance.  This gentle formula helps to brighten up a dull complexion and helps treat troubled sensitive skin.  You gently massage into the face and rinse off with warm water.  I love how this soap looks, how cute is it!  How amazing to have a soap that contains pearl powder that is in the shape of a clam with a pearl in it! I haven’t used it yet as I am saving it for when I need it.

memebox #52 WTF memebox #52 WTF

Yadah Capsule Tok Soothing Gel 200ml – $11 (£7.31)

This gel contains green aloe vera capsules that soothe and moisturise the skin, while the yellow vitamin capsules rejuvenates and brightens up complexion as they melt into the skin.  This gel contains a blend of aloe vera water, green tea extracts and cactus flower extracts, they effectively cool and soothe stimulated skin.  It also contains witch hazel water and lotus extracts that work together to treat and firm up clogged pores.  Apply this directly to reddened or dehydrated skin.  You can also use this product to make a natural body scrub by mixing it with sugar and gently massaging it over elbows and heels.  This can also be used as a hair treatment by mixing it into a treatment formula and applying it through your hair strands, also this can be used as a makeup base by mixing it with a BB cream!  How many things can you use this product for, it is so versatile!! This kind of gel is also great for sun burn, I pop it into the fridge and use it when it is cool, this instantly relieves pain and cools the damaged skin.  I also put my after sun in the fridge when I go on holiday.

I really do like this box and I will be able to use everything in this box so that is great!  This box has a value of $142 (£94.42).  I think my favourites out of the box has to be the hand cream and the primer, I was definitely wowed by the hand cream, the formula is amazing.

If you are not based in America and you want to try Memebox I suggest getting your order in quickly, you have to at least try them once!  I can’t believe after the 10th February I will no longer be able to get my Memebox fix anymore! How sad!! I am going to have to find somewhere else to get my Korean cosmetics from!

If you too will miss Memebox or you know of where else I can turn to to get my Korean cosmetic fix let me know.


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