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Here is my wonderful Make Up Rumours Haul.  Make Up Rumours were kind enough to give me a £10 voucher to spend on their site, which I used straight away and spent more than the £10 as there was just so much stuff to buy and I am very glad that I did.  Most items on their website are only £1 each! so I got 14 items for £15!  You wouldn’t believe this make up is only £1, it is such good quality.  All these products are also cruelty free.

I have also been given a discount code to share with all my lovely readers so you can all enjoy an ADDITIONAL 10% off your order using the code sbb10offMake Up Rumours are also currently promoting a 25% off discount code 25off which you can use as well, giving you a total of 35% off!

Make up rumours

I chose an awful lot of eyeshadow, I just couldn’t resist for £1 each! So this is the first three I chose.  On the website they don’t have names they are all numbered.  These are from the Dazzle collection and I chose shade 1 (brown), shade 3 (green) and shade 4 (purple).

make up rumours

I love these colours.  I have swatched two from each palette.  They are very silky and as you can see highly pigmented and I have not used a primer for these either.  Each palette has five different shades, which make it perfect for blending and adding definition.  These definitely do not feel like the only cost £1!  They glide on to the skin smoothly and are just so lovely to use.  I am so glad I picked these, just wish I had gone and bought them all as there were only four of them anyway.

ABM_1409143690 ABM_1409143477

These are the Afterdark palettes.  I went for shade 1 (brown) and shade 2 (purple).  They are lovely but I do prefer the Dazzle palettes which I think looked nicer and also felt more velvety than these ones.  I do still like these though and they do blend together nicely.  I was a little disappointed with swatch number 7 as it was so pale and there was just hardly any pigmentation whatsoever.  It looked like it would be quite a bold colour in the palette but it just didn’t live up to expectations.  Maybe some primer would help this colour, but they are still really good value considering they only cost £1!  These palettes also have a little mirror underneath the applicator.

make up rumoursmake up rumours

This is the glitz eye shadow palette in shade 3.  This is such a girly palette the shades are pink and glittery.  The photo really doesn’t do this palette justice.  They are very wearable colours and the glitter makes them so pretty.  These are really nice to add a little sparkle to your look.

make up rumours make up rumours

I also picked two lipsticks, one from the nude section, shade 17 (left & top) and one from the pink section, shade 5 (right & bottom).  These lipsticks are lovely, they and smooth and buttery and are highly pigmented.  I really can’t believe the quality of these lipsticks, they are so much better than you would expect for the price of them!  I mean how many could you stock up with when these are only £1 each!

make up rumours make up rumours

I couldn’t resist picking up a bronzer in Sunkissed and a pressed powder in Truffle.  How cute are these, I really like the embossed heart in the powder.  The bronzer is a really nice shade and can be blended easily, and the pressed powder is ideal so my skin tone.  The amount I usually pay for bronzer this one is just fantastic!  These are both also only £1 each!  They feel really nice on my skin and are nice and smooth, not chalky at all.

make up rumours make up rumours

This Liquid Eyeliner was £1.50.  It is very easy to use and you can easily apply think or think strokes depending on the desired effect.  It dries very quickly and I was amazed that I could not smudge this at all!  This would be great to use on a night out where I want my eyeliner to stay put and stay just as bold as when I applied it.  Fantastic product for £1.50!

make up rumours

This is the Pastel mini nail polish for £1.50!  That’s 6 colours for £1.50!  What more could you ask for.  These are so cute and the colours are fantastic for summer.  These will be so handy to take on holiday, you can even keep one in your bag if you need any touch ups when you are out and about.  These are really fun colours, and would be great to do some nail art with.

make up rumours

I really couldn’t resist these nail seeds, they are so cute!  These are usually quite pricey but these were also only £1 each!  I don’t use this type of thing all the time, but I just couldn’t say no for £1 and they are really fun to use.  I love the colours in these, I went for shade 2 (silver & turquoise) and shade 3 (gold, magenta & turquoise).  There are a total of 10 different colours to choose from, for this price you could easily collect them all!

I am so impressed with all of the products, I love them all!  The delivery was so quick as well, it took about 2 days to get to me.  I still can’t get over the price of these products!  They are just so cheap but the quality isn’t, they are all fantastic!  All this lot I ordered cost £15!!  I look forward to seeing more from this brand in the future.

Don’t forget you can get an extra 10% OFF your order using the code sbb10off at:

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