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W7 make-up is becoming a lot more well known recently.  A lot of the cheaper brands are now becoming a lot bigger with people wanting good quality make-up for a fraction of the price.  I haven’t tried much from W7 before, I had an eyeliner a couple of years ago which I really liked.  So I was happy when I was sent some products to review as I haven’t tried anything from their brand for a couple of years and I recently saw a mascara that I was thinking of buying, which I may have to purchase now.

W7 primer W7 primer

I will review the W7 Prime Magic Anti-redness Primer first.  This has a RRP of £6.95. They have three different types of primer: anti-redness, anti-dull and the normal clear.  I received the green one which is meant to reduce any redness.  This comes out quite thick, which is normal with a primer and it absorbs in nicely and leaves your skin feeling soft and silky.  I found it also blurred out my pores which was good.  The only problem I had with this was that after a while it kind of went white on my skin in any pores or creases and also started to feel a little bit flaky.  It was like it was falling off my skin, which is not really what you want with a primer.  I would probably prefer to try the clear one to see if that was any better as I don’t really have any red patches on my skin so there is no need to have the anti-redness one.

In the picture above I have applied the primer on to the right side of my hand.  It is quite hard to tell in the picture but it has made a slight difference to my skin, I really wish that this lasted longer on my skin.  This primer just isn’t suitable for me unfortunately.

W7 blusher bronzer W7 blusher bronzer

I love the look of W7 The Honey Queen Honeycomb Blusher, this is such a cute product.  It also reminds me of products from Benefit.  This has a RRP of £4.95, such a great price! You even get a handy little brush included in the box and the brush was a lot softer than I was expecting it to be.  When I go for blushers I usually go for quite bold pinks so they stand out a bit more on my skin, otherwise they just blend in with my skin tone and you wouldn’t know I was even wearing blusher.  When I applied this to my skin I found it really light, this will probably be better as a bronzer for most people.

W7 blusher bronzer

As you can see from the picture it isn’t really visible that much on my skin, but you can see the nice pearly sheen it has left behind.  I may try using this product as a highlighter rather than a blusher and see how that works out for me.  I really just need something with more colour in and that is a lot darker for my skin.  If you have really pale skin this may work for you.  I do really like the product and find it so cute so I will just see how I can make it work.  I have noticed they do other box products like this, so there may be something a bit darker that would suit me better.

W7 lipstick W7 lipstick

The W7 Raspberry Ripple Lipstick is lovely.  I like the way W7 is also embossed on the lipstick, that is a nice touch.  The packaging is nice and sturdy and I know I’m not going to break this in my handbag or if I accidentally drop it.  I love the colour of this lipstick, it is a lovely deep pink and when in the light it has a purple iridescent sheen to it which is so pretty.  This has an RRP of £4.95 which is great for a lipstick of this quality.  It also doesn’t dry up on my lips and keeps them feeling moisturised.  I would definitely get more colours in this lipstick and this has to be one of my favourite products from W7 so far.

So not everything from W7 is suitable for me, and some things would be better used for different uses for which they were intended.  But for a cheap alternative I would definitely consider picking things from W7 when I am next out.  As I said earlier I have recently seen a mascara in a local shop but I didn’t pick it up.  Well I may just have to go back and get it to give it a try and it will also not be as easy to dismiss products I see in the future from W7.

They also have some really interesting looking products which I would love to try.  They have an eye shadow palette which looks like a dupe of Urban Decay’s Naked palette and a few more benefit looking dupes.  Things I will have to try in the future.

If you want to see what other products they have to offer you can check them out here:

You can also buy products from here:

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