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MDMflow – Lipstick Masterclass

So the other week I attended an event that I was invited to by Liberty at MDMflow.  It was being held in Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar in Liverpool as they will now be selling MDMflow products there.  The event started at 4.30pm on a Saturday, which meant there was definitely time for some shopping before hand!  I met up with Laura and Codie before the event so we could go to TK Maxx (as I had heard they were selling Korean products!) and also Primark!

I was definitely in my element in TK Maxx and bought several Korean products, one I have been wanting to try for ages which is a bubble clay mask.  If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen the items that I purchased that day.  I didn’t actually buy anything from Primark, that is definitely a first for me! But I had been there a week or so before, so I had already purchased what I wanted!

It was then off to Harvey Nichols as it quickly approaching 4.30pm!  I love this store and hate it all at the same time, it has so many beautiful beauty products I wish I owned but sadly don’t!  We went up-stairs and  quickly noticed where the event was being held as there was a vast amount of balloons with kisses printed on them.  We were greeted by Liberty and all given a glass of bubbly, you can’t go wrong with a glass of bubbly!

Florence MDMflow

Florence who is the founder of MDMflow introduced herself and her brand.  She studied Cosmetic Science at University and is loving that she can make her own Lipsticks! Who wouldn’t actually want this as their job!  Science is cool girls, don’t over look it! It was really nice to actually get to meet the brains behind the brand as this doesn’t happen that often.  It is usually a PR company or someone else who works for the company.  So it was good we could actually get to talk to her and see what she does in action.

I asked Florence how she came up with the name MDMflow and ‘flow’ is a based on her name and the MDM part is because her mum used to call her Madame, which she’s not sure that was a good thing but she is totally owning it now!

We then got stuck into the workshop and we were asked to pick two colours which we wanted to create!  For a bunch of bloggers this question is a lot more difficult than you think!  We went for a nude brown and a bright pink in the end.


MDMflow lipstick

The natural pigments of colour were added to a heated base made of beeswax, this was then carefully poured into moulds and allowed to set.  We went for a really nice nude brown and a bright pink which we added lots of iridescence sparkly goodness to, so so pretty!

I was so shocked at how little time it needed before they were taken very carefully out of the moulds!  This was a very tense moment indeed!  inside the mould there is the MDMflow stamp, so when the lipsticks are take out they all have the stamp printed on each one which is pretty neat.  Florence then carefully pushed them into the encasing and we were all given one of each of the colours we had created.  We were then told to not use them until the next time to give them a bit more time to fully set.  This has to be the hardest thing ever, all I wanted to do when I got home was to try them out and see what the looked like! I did resist though!

MDMflow lipstick

We got to name the lipsticks we had created, we went with ‘Snog a Blogger’ (nude) and ‘Unicorn Barbie’ (pink), unfortunately these colours aren’t available to buy and are a special one off!  Sorry!

MDMflow products are also cruelty free which is fantastic and a big plus!  It’s great to see lots of new brands are cruelty free and this is something all brands should be following!

After the lipstick making we were then offered more Prosecco… oh go on then!  We also had a look at the products she sells and were able to swatch them and see what they were like.  I really want to get one of the matte liquid lipsticks at some point as they were all just so gorgeous and I am a bit of a fan of matte liquid lipsticks at the moment, as I love how long they last.

MDMflow lipsticks

MDMflow lipstick

Look at how gorgeous the packaging of these lipsticks are!  They are stunning and definitely make a statement.  These would look fantastic on display on your dressing table.  They are very 90’s Hip-Hop which is the style Florence was going for.

MDMflow event

Myself and the wonderful Codie.

I had such a good time at the event and I was so glad I got the chance to be introduced to the brand MDMflow.  I have never heard of them before but I will definitely be checking out their products and seeing what colours take my fancy.  I loved meeting Florence and she was such a lovely person which makes you want to invest in her brand even more.  I can’t wait to purchase one of her matte liquid lipsticks and seeing how long they last.

Have you ever heard or tried MDMflow before?  Or have you tried making your own lipsticks?  I would love to have a more hands on experience of this, it was so much fun.


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