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    Pho Restaurant, Liverpool – Review

    Pho restaurant liverpool

    Just two short weeks after returning home from visiting Vietnam, I was lucky to receive an invite to try a meal at Pho Restaurant in Liverpool, Bold Street. Bold Street is a street to visit if you are looking for a wide variety of flavours from all over the world. It has new food places all the time and is fantastic if you are looking to have a day away from the kitchen. It is right next to Liverpool Central train station, making it extremely easy to get to.

    If you don’t know, Pho (pronounced ‘fuh’, imagine you are saying the beginning of the F-word!) is a national Vietnamese dish. They will literally eat Pho for breakfast, lunch and dinner! We saw and tasted a lot of this while in Vietnam, so I was excited to see how a restaurant in Liverpool compared. Food in Vietnam have very distinct flavours and are very fresh on the palette. Pho is a delicious rice noodle soup dish, served with a side of fresh herbs to add as you please. Continue reading