Shadow Switch – Dry Brush Cleanser

    I don’t know about you but one thing I hate is having to wash my brushes!  It takes ages and then takes even longer for them to dry thoroughly!  I always think ‘oh they must be dry by now’, only to be met with a damp brush on my face! It is all just one big chore which I don’t like having to do every time I use my shadow brushes. This is where Shadow Switch comes in!

    When I do my eye makeup I always end up with a tissue on my knee so I can wipe it clean and move on to the next colour.  I do this as I use enough brushes to do my eye makeup as it is, I don’t want to add another two or three to the pile.  You can’t just use the same brush and move straight on to your second colour as this just makes a nasty merge of colour on your eyelids and you may as well just apply all colours at once!  To try and combat this I use a piece of tissue, but this isn’t great and doesn’t always remove all of the previous colour from your brush, it also takes a good deal of wiping to remove most of it. Continue reading