Goodreads Reading Challenge 2016

goodreads reading challenge

So I thought I would do another Goodreads reading challenge using Goodreads (a website to record the books you have read and review them, also great to discover other books) again this year.  Last year I didn’t quite manage to hit my target, I got 23 out of 25.  Even though I am a little bit disappointed that I didn’t quite hit my target, I am also happy with the amount I read.  I like to read but never really get much chance to and then just kind of forget as life just seems to get in the way.  So I have probably never read that many books in a year before!  So since getting my kindle and using Goodreads to keep track of what I read, I have had a lot more motivation.

This year I have decided to set my challenge to 25 again, lets see if I can actually hit my target this year!!  I have actually done pretty well so far this year, considering it is only just March.  So here are the books I have read so far.

goodreads reading challenge

As you can see I have managed to read 12 books so far!  I’m not actually sure how I managed to do that, but hey I’m quite pleased as this means I am apparently 8 books ahead of target.


Four of the books I have read are by author Richard C Hale who I discovered after I read his book ‘Frozen Past’ and became hooked as it involved murder suspense.  I have thoroughly enjoyed his books and his series Blank were not my usual type I go for, but they were full of twists and turns and a roller coaster of emotions as it followed the life of a boy/man with no face! Sounds strange but it is definitely worth a read, I was pleasantly surprised so I highly recommend checking out his books.

I really enjoy Thriller/Suspense books and Crime novels, I am always on the look out for new authors to try.  I am a big fan of Tess Gerritsen and I am currently reading one of her books ‘Die Again’.  Tess Gerritsen is a fantastic author and I have been a big fan for many years, I always enjoy reading her books.

In case anyone was interested in what books I actually managed to read last year here is a list of them.

goodreads reading challenge

Lets see if I can complete this years challenge, hopefully I will as I have done a good start so far!

Have you set yourself a Goodreads reading challenge this year, or maybe wanting to read more?

What books have you read so far and what would you recommend?


Achievements Before 30

turning 30


So to follow up with my Turning 30 – Things I want to do post I thought I would do things I’m glad I’ve done before turning 30 – Achievements before 30.  So I don’t actually turn 30 until November but there is always negativity around turning 30, where you thought you would be in life.. and where you actually are.  Instead of thinking about what you haven’t achieved I thought I would think about what I have achieved.  So here goes:

  1. I have been to places like: Sri Lanka, Dubai, Thailand, Mexico, Cape Verde, Cuba, America, Egypt, Las Vegas, Europe.  I won’t list them all but these are to name a few.
  2. Rode an Elephant
  3. Rode a Camel
  4. Climbed Sigiryia Rock – Sri Lanka
  5. Visited Phi Phi Islands – Thailand
  6. Swam with Dolphins – Mexico
  7. Visited the Pyramids
  8. Won money in Las Vegas
  9. Driven a car/mini-bus abroad – America
  10. Been to Disney Land Paris & Disney World Florida
  11. Been on a Cruise – actually been on 5!
  12. Been in a Cenote.
  13. Jeep ride in the Desert – Dubai
  14. Been to Coco Bongos
  15. Got a Tattoo abroad – Thailand and Mexico
  16. Climbed a Temple – Mexico
  17. Started Pole Classes
  18. Member of the Gym
  19. Got Engaged
  20. Worked in America
  21. Finally met a friend I’ve known since I was 14 who lives in Australia.
  22. Gone up the largest building in the world – Burj Kahlifa
  23. Visited an Elephant Orphanage
  24. Traveled to the other side of the World ALONE!
  25. Bought jewellery in Tiffany’s in New York City
  26. Drove a Canal Boat
  27. Been up the Empire State Building
  28. Started Blogging
  29. Organised a successful Blogger Event
  30. Quad biking in the desert – Cape Verde & Egypt
  31. Driven a Speed Boat – Cuba
  32. Been to a shooting range – so much fun!  I shot the target every time yey! – Thailand
  33. Driven from Las Vegas to Los Angeles
  34. Traveled in a Tuk Tuk
  35. Been to University – Drama & Dance
  36. Level 3 trained Beauty Therapist
  37. Qualified Support Worker
  38. Have my own Mobile Beauty Therapist business
  39. Started learning to Crochet
  40. I can play the Clarinet
  41. Ran in a Race For Life
  42. Caught the bouquet at a wedding!

So there we have it, I think I have done quite well and this is only the start.  I will have to come up with lots of things to achieve in my 30’s.  Turning 30 can be scary for a lot of us but at the end of the day it is only a number, try thinking of all the things you have done in life so far and all of the things you have to look forward to.  It really does make you feel a lot better.  Celebrate what you have achieved and always look towards the future, you will probably realise you have achieved more than you thought.  We all need to stop thinking about what we haven’t done as it is never to late to do it.

turning 30 turning 30 turning 30  turning 30 turning 30 turning 30turning 30 turning 30 turning 30 turning 30turning 30


Turning 30 – Things I want to do.

30th birthday

I have been meaning to do this post for quite a while now, but for some reason I have kept putting it off.  Maybe it’s just the thought of turning 30 soon, I really don’t want to leave my 20’s behind, I’m just not ready!  I turn 30 in just over 2 months, when I was younger and pictured myself at the age of 30 I saw something completely different to where I am.  I imagined being married with kids, a decent career that I enjoy.  In reality I’m engaged, not married yet, I have 3 cats no children and a job that doesn’t really satisfy me or allow me to say I actually have a career!!  Yes these things get me down at times, but I am proud of what I have achieved so far in life and I am happy with what I have.

Anyway before I ramble on too much here are things that I had written down that I wanted to do before turning 3o.  I still have a small amount of time to complete some more but some of them will have to be moved to a different goal post.  So here is what I picked:

  1. Go to Australia (and also visit the Neighbours set… yes I am a massive fan don’t judge!)  – This was meant to happy but unfortunately circumstances have put this on hold.
  2. Go to Cape Verde – I did this in June, it is an amazing and beautiful place to go and see.
  3. Go to Thailand again – I have booked this, when Australia fell through I decided Thailand for my 30th! 🙂
  4. Get a new job – This one still hasn’t happened yet but I am still trying.
  5. Lose Weight – This is work in progress!!
  6. Buy a pole for pole dancing – Regrettably I still haven’t got this, I am waiting to have some spare cash!! Hmm that may take a while!
  7. Weekend away with Mark – This has kind of been done except it was with the parents and is part of No.16!
  8. Sort out wardrobe! – I actually laughed whilst typing this, No I have still not done this! Ooops
  9. Continue eating healthily – I managed this most of the time, I do slip probably a little too much though!
  10. Buy a headboard – This sounds silly but we don’t actually have one and we have been meaning to get one for a while! Hopefully this being on the list will give us the kick up the bum we need to buy one!
  11. Successfully organise a Blogger Event – yes yes and yes!! I have done this one and I am currently organising my second event!! Yey.
  12. Read 25 books – I started this at the start of the year and I have read 19 so far, I’m on book 20 at the moment.
  13. Go to a concert again – It has been ages since I last went to a concert and I still haven’t gone to one recently.
  14. Another tattoo – I currently have 5 tattoos and I may get one on my holiday to Thailand which is before my birthday 🙂
  15. Be able to do pull ups – Well this one is still very much work in progress and I think it’s going to take a lot longer for me to actually be able to do pull ups!  I don’t mean just one, I mean several at once!
  16. Go to Whitby with Mark – We went to Whitby in August, it was Mark’s first time there.  My family has a cottage there and I really should go more often than I do!
  17. Play crazy golf – It has been years since I last did this!  I want to relive my youth and go  for a game of crazy golf!!
  18. Try snow boarding / skiing – I have never done this, I want to go and try it an Chill Factore but I don’t know when I will actually get around to this one!
  19. Go rock climbing – I used to love rock climbing and again haven’t done it for years.  We have our tickets though to go bouldering in Liverpool, so we will be doing this soon!
  20. Start a YouTube channel – Well I haven’t done this! I’m scared at going on video!  I also haven’t got time to do editing… I will think about doing this though!
  21. Go to Liverpool Museums – These are on my doorstep and I haven’t visited them since I was a child! This could make an interesting cheap day out!
  22. Go on Mersey Ferry – This is literally on my doorstep and I can’t remember when I went on this I was that young!! It’s a nicer way to get over to Liverpool than using the train!  I must do this!!
  23. Get another piercing – I actually got two more!  Tragus and Helix.
  24. Go to Isle of Man – I am doing this on Saturday! It maybe for work but hey.

Well I didn’t even come up with 30 things! I haven’t completed them all, maybe about half so far!  I still have just over two months… yeh well I wont be able to complete them all.

I will be doing a post of all the things I am glad I have been able to do before turning 30.  Then think of all the other things I can get through in my 30’s.  It will be a new chapter in my life.  This list is not everything I want to do in life, there is so much more still yet to come.

Are you turning 30 soon?  Or were you someone that dreaded the big 3-0 as well?

I’d love to hear from you 🙂 leave your comments below.


Liverpool Blogger Events

Liverpool Blogger Events

Some of you may have seen, due to the excessive amount of social media posts I’ve been doing, that I am organising another amazing blogger event – Liverpool Blogger Events.

The event is to be held in Liverpool on Saturday 7th November 12.30-16.30, just in time for getting some wonderful Christmas ideas.  We will also be raising money for a local charity on the day of the event.  There will also be a Jewellery Workshop where everyone will get to make their own piece of jewellery and take it home with them.  A home cooked buffet will be supplied on the day to make sure all bloggers keep their strength up!

If you would like some more information about the event please join my

Official Facebook Group

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Official Twitter Page

If you don’t have Facebook or Twitter or if you are interested in getting involved with the event then please get in contact via

If you would like to know what my last event was like then you can have a look here: #NWBloggerEvents.

You can get your ticket for Liverpool Blogger Events from Eventbrite, just get in touch with me and join my Facebook Group.

Liverpool Blogger Events


BreakOut liverpool

breakout liverpool

So on Friday I got the chance to try Breakout Liverpool which is a real life escape room.  I have never tried one of these before so I really didn’t know what to expect.  With me working all weird hours due to my job it was only myself and my partner Mark who were free to go.  You can have groups of 2-5, it would probably be easier with a few more people.

I picked the Facility room, not actually realising this was one of the hard rooms but I love anything horror related!  I didn’t actually know where Breakout Liverpool was in Liverpool, so I checked online and off we went to Moorfields station as that looked like the nearest and we come from the Wirral so that’s easy.  Once you get to the building there are a few signs outside so you know which building it it is.


You then go downstairs into a basement and being a blogger and wanting to check into the place online I quickly realised there was no signal! Oh my, blogger problems!!  We were quickly greeted by a lad called Ryan (I think, but not too sure as I was too excited to get in the room).

breakout liverpool

We were taken to a waiting area, the whole place is dark and does get you in the mood for what lies ahead.  There are also a few puzzles in there to get in the right frame of mind.   We were then taken through a few safety points and then asked for a volunteer of someone to get locked up! So Mark was taken by ‘Dr Andrews’ to be experimented on and I had to save him and the escape the room.  Immediately I let Mark take that role, but then started to regret it when I was sat waiting on my own and then actually went into the room.

breakout liverpool

I was taken in the room and locked in!  A clock counts down on a TV screen, I was completely on my own!!  I didn’t have a clue what to do and then I heard a little voice…. it was Mark!  But where was he?  I was still so overwhelmed by the room I didn’t know what to do.  I found a torch on a table and started looking round, I then found at the back of the room the room where Mark was locked.  I finally didn’t feel as alone and had someone to talk to.  I literally did not know where to start in the room and I think we spent 10mins wasted of me walking around going where do I start!  Mark was in a tiny room so he couldn’t come and help until I had rescued him and got him out.

I was made up when I found the key to rescue him, I quickly got him out.. I was no longer the only one now waking round the room trying to figure it all out, Yey.

The time was ticking by so quickly, I was determined to get out but we kept getting stuck on things and with only two of us you didn’t have enough people to help with the puzzles or look round trying to figure the rest out.  If you ever got completely stuck then hints would appear on the TV screen, sometimes I was wishing a hint would appear as when we got stuck we felt lost! ha.

It was then saying we had 10 minutes left and finally we had cracked something else, which we had been stuck on and we started moving on, but unfortunately the clock went to Zero and we hadn’t escaped!  The hour had passed by so quickly I actually didn’t want it to end.  We were then shown through the rest of the room, some ‘OMG’ realisations and ‘seriously…a number off!!’ moments.  It would have actually taken us a while to escape if we weren’t given an hour only.

breakout liverpool

When we left the room I could have easily walked straight into another one, I wanted to carry on.  It was so much fun I really didn’t want the hour to end.  I wish we did have more time and I think it is a little difficult if you only have two people, I kind of wish you got extra time if there is only two of you as you really need it.  I understand why they can’t do this though.  Either way we had a really good time and I want to book again soon.  I think I’m also determined to break out of one of them as well!  I wont be happy until I do!

If you are considering to go to Breakout Liverpool then I say Book Now.. What are you waiting for!!  Do it!  It is like nothing I have ever had the chance to do before and I think I am hooked!! A part of me wishes I had tried one of the other rooms as it was easier and being a two man group we probably spent too much time going “What on earth do we do!!!”.  I will definitely be going back again soon but I may have to drum up some more people next time though.

Breakout Liverpool… I will return…. and I WILL Breakout!!

If you are interested in going to Breakout Liverpool you can book your tickets HERE.

Have you tried Breakout Liverpool?  Did you manage to breakout?


Where Do I Get My Body Jewellery From?



I do have quite a few piercings, when I received some body jewellery from Karma Se7en I had a total of 12.  I now have 14!  So when I was contacted to try out some body jewellery from Karma Se7en Body Jewellery I was thrilled as you can never have too much jewellery and sometimes it’s very hard to find decent jewellery online.

Most of my piercings are in my ear and I have my belly button pierced as well, I have to be careful when it comes to what the jewellery is made of as I can have allergic reactions.  Most if not all of the jewellery I chose were actually 925 sterling silver which is fantastic.  They also have buy one get one free on all of their items which makes it even better.

Here is what I picked earring wise:

karma se7en body jewellery

I thought I would try some pieces I have never seen before and never had the chance to try, plus some of them intrigued me and I wanted to see how they worked and what they would look like.

Karma Se7en body jewellery karma se7enkarma se7en body jewellery

I will start off with the simplest ones, these are really cute crystal pink star studs. I wear a lot of studs in my ears every day (as you can see in the picture) as they are the most practical for me.  This pair is only £3.99!!  You can’t really go wrong with that now can you.

karma se7en Karma Se7en body jewellery

I have never tried an ear jacket before.  These have a front part (the stud) and a back part that goes on the stud and hangs down.  These star ear jackets look so pretty in I love them, they are very simple but effective and really do stand out.  They are £19.99 but don’t forget you get a free pair as well.  These are 925 sterling silver and also rhodium plated, such good quality for an amazing price.

karma se7en karma se7en

I went for another pair in the same style and think they look fantastic.  These are £21.99 and can be found Here.  The crystals are larger in this pair and really stand out.  Lots of bling bling!

karma se7en karma se7en

Here’s another pair of the ear jackets!  I think this one is my least favourite of them all as it is a little bit bigger and doesn’t look as good on my ear.  This one is £22.99 and you can find it here.  This pair, like the others, is 925 sterling silver and rhodium plated.  I still can’t get over the quality of all these earrings and the price of them.

karma se7en karma se7en

As soon as I saw these Crystal Vine Ear Climbers I knew I had to try them out.  This is another type I have never tried.  This type of earring is great for people who don’t have many piercings in their ears but want to occasionally have the look that they do.  I took most of my other earrings out to try this and it covered all my holes so you wouldn’t even know!  These look fantastic, I really do like them.  I even tried it in my top hole so it went around the top of my ear, it was fiddly to get in but it did work.  These cost £20.95.

karma se7en

Karma se7en

I then chose some belly button bars, I don’t change my bar that often but I thought it would be nice to have more of an option to pick from.  This is a pink crystal bar with a plain ball on the top.  It is made from Titanium and costs £6.99!! So cheap!

karma se7en

I love this belly bar it is made with Swarovski Crystals. The stem is made of Surgical Steel and the heart is made of sterling silver.  This bar costs £14.95 and can be found Here.  This bar is so cute and it is one you could wear all the time and it wouldn’t feel uncomfortable.

karma se7en karma se7en

Would you believe that this Opal Medley belly bar only costs £6.95!!!  You could get two belly bars then for under £7!  How amazing and how gorgeous is this bar!  I absolutely love it.  This belly bar will definitely be coming on holiday with me as I think it will look amazing in the sun!

There are belly bars in gold as well, I may have to treat myself to a 14ct gold bar one day!!  This one Here is so pretty!!  Maybe one day.

The Karma Se7en website is just amazing.  They have sooo many and I mean sooo many pieces of jewellery to pick from for all different types of piercings!  They even have rose gold jewellery which I will have to look at next time.

I have recently got my Tragus and Heliz pierced so I am going to have to buy some jewellery for those piercings!  Yey, and now I know where to have a look but I will definitely be lost for choice.

karma se7en karma se7en

I am now debating whether to get my nose pierced as well.  It’s a piercing I always said I wouldn’t want, but now I’m thinking about it.  Who knows what I will decide.  Once you start it gets addictive.

So if you are looking for any type of body jewellery I would highly recommend Karma Se7en body jewellery. You can’t go wrong and the quality is just amazing.  Also who doesn’t like Buy One Get One Free!

What piercings do you have and do you find it hard finding somewhere decent online to get a decent selection of body jewellery??


North West Blogger Event Goodie Bag #NWBloggerEvents

north west blogger event goodie bag

Here is the wonderful goodie bag that all the bloggers received at the North West Blogger Event #NWBloggerEvents which myself and Katie organised and was held in July.  I wont bore you all too much and will get straight into the pictures.

lush spa liverpool

Lush Spa Liverpool supplied everyone with a fab goodie bag of their own!  There were two little pots of samples of UltraBland cleanser and Dream Cream.  There was also a Soft Coeur Massage bar, this is definitely my faourite and smells absolutely amazing.  It has a wonderful toffee fragrance!  All I need to do now is get my other half to actually give me a massage!

virtue ice tea

Virtue Ice Tea supplied these cans of ice tea, they have to be one of the nicest Ice Tea’s I have tried.  Yum yum these are great for the summer.

a passion for natural

A Passion For Natural supplied a selection of products for everyone to try, I got the Aloe Vera Moisturising Mist.  This is a great product and so easy to use.  I love products that are quick and simple to apply, as sometimes you just don’t have time to rub in moisturiser all over, so having a spray is great.

mello mallo

Mello Mallo supplied these wonderful marshmallows!  I don’t have the best picture but I was very keen to taste them.  These are hands down the best marshmallows I have ever tasted!!  I loved marshmallows before this, but oh my… these are divine!  I would recommend that everyone has to at least try these once!  These would also make wonderful wedding favours.

Thomas tucker

Thomas Tucker popcorn.  Yum yum yum this popcorn is amazing, I got coconut toffee and a smaller bag of sweet popcorn.  The other flavour available was summer berries, which doesn’t sound like it should match popcorn but believe me it really does!  I must have more of this popcorn in my life!


Sweetheart Wax Melts by Kirsty gave everyone a wax melt sample to try.  I am completely obsessed with candles and wax melts, I use them pretty much every day!  I go through an awful lot of tealights ha.  These wax melts are so so cheap as 25p each!!  These smell soooo good as well!  If candles and wax melts are your cup of tea please check our Kirsty’s page.

crabtree & Evelyn

Crabtree & Evelyn handcream, who doesn’t like having soft hands!!

Milton Lloyd

Milton Lloyd gave plenty of samples for everyone to try and even a couple of full size perfumes for prizes.


W7 & Playboy Cosmetics gave make-up samples, no one can have too much make up.  Playboy supplied lipsticks and W7 supplied a variety of make up.

greener cleaner

Greener Cleaner sent something a little bit different.  These are pot & Pan brushes that are made from recycled plastic.  Great for the environment and great to have in the kitchen!


Earthnicity sent samples of their finishing powder mineral make up.  I absolutely love mineral make up and find it so gentle on my skin and makes my skin look flawless.  This brand looks really interesting and one I will definitely be checking out.

boden boden

I am in love with these little clutch bags from Boden, they are so cute and vibrant.  These are real leather which is just fantastic and they also have a pretty lining inside.  I will be getting a lot of use out of this.

manuka dr

I am a massive fan of Manuka Doctor beauty products and I am so glad that everyone is getting the chance to try them.  I have bought many things from them and I would really recommend them to anyone.

sweet cecily

This body butter from Sweet Cecily is fabulous and it is also made from natural products.  Their business is based in Whitby in Yorkshire, which has a lot of relevance for me.  Their products are so pretty, I love natural products.  They also sell kits to make your own lipbalm etc, which I really want to try!

I really hope that everyone enjoyed their goodie bags, it was a lot of fun organising!  My next event will be in November #LplBlogEvent and I hope to see some of you there.

If you missed my post about the event you can find it Here.


North West Blogger Event #NWBloggerEvents


On Sunday 12th July myself and Katie held the North West Blogger Event #NWBloggerEvents.  It took place in Wetherspoons The Lime Kiln in Concert Square in Liverpool.  30 Bloggers had tickets to attend the event.  We had talks from brands such as Motives and MyShowCase.  We also had a talk about blogging, SEO and some amazing tips from the wonderful Lisa Hodson.   Skinny Tan were there and they were offering spray tans half price for an amazing £10 and you also got a wonderful goodie bag.  Their tan is fantastic, it does not look orange at all and looks completely natural, some girls took the plunge and got a tan in Wetherspoons which is an experience in itself.

When everyone arrived they got their name badges and a special gift from Sweet Cecilys, which was super cute.

20150722_182739 20150722_182757

There were also some super tasty products for everyone to taste.  Tommy Tucker’s popcorn was snapped up by everyone and I can definitely vouch that their popcorn is AMAZING!! I could eat this all day long!

There were also yummy Macarons available for everyone courtesy of The Little Macaron Shop.  You can also find them on Twitter here @littlemacaron.  They are the most divine Macarons I have tasted, everyone loved them.  I would highly recommend checking out their shop!


There was also a fantastic buffet laid on thanks to Wetherspoons and I must say the food went down a treat!  As I was so busy on the day I didn’t get a chance to get the food when everyone else did, and by the time I did it was pretty much all cleared!  So everyone really enjoyed it all, we had panini’s to curry, to poppadoms and onion rings, there was food for everyone.

north west blogger event north west blogger event

We had some activities for everyone to take part in for a chance to win some prizes.  I wrote a quiz for everyone and who ever got the highest score won a prize, we also had to go to a sudden death question.  I may have been a little mean on the bloggers and made it a tad hard, but everyone seemed to enjoy all the interesting facts they learned about blogging.  Everyone was also encouraged to use our hashtag through out the day #NWBloggerEvents.

Fuji Instax also had a competition for everyone at the event to win an Instax Mini, I seriously need one of those babies in my life now!  I may just have to buy one.

It was a very good day and I am very proud of how it turned out.  I am currently organising my next event on my own which will take place in November #LplBlogEvent.  I have the organising bug, it is a lot of hard work but it is worth it on the day when you see everyone together and having fun.

DSC_0006 DSC_0007DSC_0009DSC_0010DSC_0012DSC_0014

The Blogger Programme so kindly supplied the bags for the event, which we filled with wonderful goodies from a selection of brands.  I recommend checking The Blogger Programme out.


I would like to thank all the brands that got involved with the event, the event would not have been the same without your involvement.

I will do a separate post for the contents of the goodie bag.  This also includes the goodie bags that Lush supplied.

The Little Macaron Shop


Lush Spa Liverpool


Virtue drinks


Tommy tucker






Greener cleaner


Passion for Natural


W7 Make Up


PlayBoy Make Up


Mello Mallo


Sweet Heart Wax Melts by Kirsty

Crabtree & Evelyn




Manuka Dr


Sweet Cecily


Milton Lloyd


Ohh Deer






Skinny Tan


Fuji Instax


How to Work with Brands: 3 Essential Tips

3 tips

Working With Brands By: Eti Nachum, Co-Founder at BlogsRelease

If you’ve been blogging for a while you may be considering connecting with brands to review products and attend events. However, it is often difficult to know where to start. You may have an awesome blog and millions of followers but without knowing how to reach out to brands your hopes of monetizing your blog and/or getting more involved in your field of interest are slim.

As part of my daily tasks at BlogsRelease, I speak with many bloggers and brands seeking to form relationships. From these interactions, it has become clear that there are several simple things bloggers can do to significantly improve their exposure to brands. These can be summarized in just 3 essential tips:

  1. Lead an active life on social media

Generally, brands that are looking for blogger partners will first look at your page views. However, the next step is almost certainly to check your follower counts on social networks like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Now, this doesn’t mean that you need to have thousands of followers on every social channel you can think of. If you primarily blog about beauty and fashion you might only have a prolific Instagram account, for example. Great!..But if you haven’t posted in a year don’t expect brands to be impressed. Show them that you are consistently engaging with your followers.

  1. Make sure to have updated and easily accessible contact information

You would be surprised by how often I come across a blog I think would be perfect for a particular campaign only to cross it off the list because I can’t find the blogger’s contact information. Do yourselves a favor and have a Contact link on your homepage with a working email address. Some bloggers also state in their About section that they are PR friendly, which is helpful. By the way – don’t forget that “About” section! Brands want to know as much as possible about bloggers they’re considering working with to see if they are a good fit. Make it a no-brainer by highlighting your area of influence and your achievements.

  1. Use tools like BlogsRelease to be the first to know of new campaigns

These days many brands are using blogger directories and platforms designed to make finding relevant bloggers quick and easy. BlogsRelease goes a step further, acting as both a tool for brands to upload blogger review campaigns and as the only news board exclusively for bloggers. In order to be considered by brands that use such services you first have to be listed! Provide as much information as possible, make your blog easy to find, and you’re halfway there.

And now for surprise tip #4 – check your spam folder regularly. Offers from brands and affiliates may be patiently waiting for you there. Of course these are just some of the most essential tips. If you’d like more, let me know in the comments!

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